Friday, 25 July 2014

Week 1 Term 3 Cleanup Report on the Local Bridge Walkway

Some Eco-Warriors were unable to join us due to other commitments today but we have two new members to welcome: Kalin and Tara-Lee. Welcome to this wonderful, dedicated group of Eco-Warriors. And thanks to Ms Meikle who came with us on our mission today.

We went along our usual track, keeping to the dry hard surface of the driveway and the narrow walkway as it is so boggy on the Elm Park Reserve. We keep our voices low as we know that some people work at night ('shiftworkers') so they need to sleep during the day.

We found lots of small pieces of plastic, cigarette stubs, and the usual cans, bottles and a couple of plastic bags. Even the smallest piece of plastic can cause problems if our fish eat them.

We have had holidays recently so that may account for all the rubbish we found.

The most unusual, and disturbing, finds today were a small, red rugby ball with "Room 9" on it and a graphic novel tossed into the stream. This last item we couldn't retrieve as we didn't have AJ who is tall and usually retrieves things in the water.

Check out the photos!!

We returned the ball to Room 9.....

Quite a lot of rubbish in the bush beside the walkway... 

We recycle the cans and bottles... 
The third bag... Hmmmm

A great effort by a dedicated team today

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