Thursday, 17 April 2014

Our Stream is not a Dump Site! by AJ and Matthew

Can you believe a bed-head has been dumped off the bridge!

Why do people dump shredded paper on the Elm Park Reserve?

So much more shredded paper... it could be recycled!

Can you spot the plastic bag?
Today we went down to see the stream on the last day of the term to see if the rain had cleaned it up.  It looked better and there was no sewage smell but we noticed some things had been dumped.  We saw a bed head by the bridge and a stainless steel door-handle.
There was plastic in the stream which made us sad.

But we were happy to see that the Council has removed the orange cone. Thank you to whoever took this out.

We also saw that a tree has fallen over across the stream.  Perhaps this tree is not the right tree for the side of a stream.

The Big Tree is looking free of rubbish.
(photos by AJ)

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