Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Sad Day for Our Stream

Last Monday a parent from our school phoned the Council Pollution Hotline to report that there was a pungent odour at the stream and lots of eels were dead.  She also alerted our school office and we got the sad news.

On Tuesday morning I went down to the stream with Miss Hughes and we saw very brown dirty water with a brown stain of what smelt like sewage on the high water mark of the bank. There was also a strong chemical odour that was probably ammonia - it was very nasty and gave us a headache for the rest of the day... 

It is best to stay away from the stream.

When the Eco Warriors turned up to go off to do their usual clean up on Thursday lunchtime they learned the news and were very sad.  We tried to phone the Council to hear when it would safe to resume our work but there was no answer so we left a message.

We phoned WaiCare and told them and Kate Loman Smith went to investigate and alert the Council again.

We hope there is lots of rain to flush out the mucky sewage but worry about this pollution going into the Tamaki River and to the sea.

Looking south west from the bridge
- dirty brown water

Looking east from the bridge


Mrs Rist said...

This is certainly sad news. Well done everyone in bringing the state of the stream to the attention of Auckland Council. I know your good work is benefitting our stream. Mrs Rist

Miss Adamson said...

You are all doing a wonderful job of helping to care for our Community. Keep up the good work Eco- Warriers. Miss Adamson

Mrs Holdom said...

Terrible news about the dead eels. Could the Eco Warriors think of a way to educate the residents living by the stream? Maybe a leaflet to drop in their letter boxes?

Mrs Plowright said...

Oh dear how terrible the stream is so badly polluted.No eels..hopefully we will have some return when the sewage is cleaned away.
Well done for all your hard work keeping an eye on our local environment.

Mrs Plowright said...

Oh dear those poor eels, hopefully we will have some when the mess is cleared. Well done Eco Warriors for keeping a good eye on this stream and looking after our local environment.