Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Pictorial Look at the Eco Warriors Group Since 2008

Our group has grown in size since we first began in 2008.

It's fun to look back at a few photos - one from each year since we started...
Stream monitoring started by
Eco Warriors in 2008

Room 13 assisted Eco Warriors
 on a big clean-up 
in 2009

A small but committed group

Another successful litter pick up in 2012

This year we have 23 children who help one lunchtime per week.
20 Year 4 students, 1 Year 5 student and  2 Year 6 students.
We are very proud of all our past and present Eco Warriors.


Mrs Hodge said...

We are a Silver Enviro School and all your efforts will get us to Green-Gold. Well done!

Ms Meikle said...

Congratulations on continuing the good work that has been done down at our stream over the recent years. It is excellent that we have so many willing students giving up their own time to improve our environment this year. Cleaning up other people's rubbish is not nice, but your help is so important if we are to create a healthy environment for our stream life.
Thank you for giving up your time to care for nature.

Mrs Graham said...

It is so cool to see so many of our students being involved over the years. It's also great to know that the work that you start will be carried on by future eco warriors.