Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Big Can Count...

The day after the water quality testing we went back to the stream to pick up the last of the cans and debris under the Big Tree and collect litter along the stream that we noticed the day before.  Cyclone Lusi was predicted to hit Auckland in the weekend and we wanted to make sure the rubbish didn't get carried into the stream if it flooded.

It wasn't the nicest job.

The children who didn't have closed in shoes tackled the rubbish along the stream bank. People with safe shoes finished collecting the yucky litter under the tree. We took all the rubbish back to school to sort it carefully and recycle the cans. We left the landfill rubbish to be collected by the Auckland City Council.  We found a dirty nappy and lots of plastic bottles, cardboard, newspaper and broken glass as well as cans.
Off again... to finish the litter collecting

A puzzling find...

Working further up the stream towards Pakuranga Highway
Litter in the stream...

Our sturdy buckets are better than the rubbish sacks, and safer...

The Stream bank crew
Buckets overflowing... and still to sort back at school
The Tree group

All rubbish removed...

The City Council will collect the sacks of landfill rubbish from the turning circle hopefully before the storm!
The cans became a maths investigation (The problem) and were then recycled in our school can bin.

Hopefully, the tree problem will be sorted by the Council.
EPS Eco-Warriors

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