Sunday, 30 March 2014


George - Yr 4
I have been really excited since I helped find a shrimp last week at our stream.

I tried to get a good picture off the internet.  I found the best photo on the Landcare website.  I emailed them but I haven't heard back yet.  I want to use their great picture and say where I got it from.  I will keep looking on my emails.

Yay, I am very excited because I got a reply from Landcare and they said I could use 3 of their photos. Thank you Landcare!!


Ms Meikle said...

Well done George! I am excited to hear you found a creature in our stream. I am also very glad that Landcare has replied to you at last, and they have agreed to share their photos.
Keep up the good work. I like reading your posts.

Mrs Lashlie said...

Wow, that is fantastic George! I am so pleased to see you're getting involved in the Eco Warriors and helping to look after our environment! I am looking forward to hearing more about the shrimp.